Sunday, August 7, 2011

School Already....YAY!!

Yes. School is back in session!  I love the summers.  I especially loved the independent age of Fia and Nate this year because I could keep my teaching schedule without worrying about them being bored at the gym while waiting on me!!  So it was SOOOOOO nice when they could stay home and mindlessly waste brain power in front of the TV and computer while I was off galavanting in town!

But alas...that fun had to end.  School officially started Friday August 5th.  Big milestone for Sophia because she was going to Middle School(new school, teachers, people, rules, etc) and for Nate because he was going to be all alone at the elementary school.  Thankfully he has a reputation at that that has earned respect from the teachers.  Doesn't that face just scream 'respect the Nate'?

(and it is the i-may-scowl-but-i-really-dont-hate-you-or-mean-any-disrespect reputation')

Turns out I stressed out WAY more than they ever did.  Nate had no qualms about being the only Villamor at school(can you see his 'i can handle this' look on that face?....or is that the 'i hate school and i hate pictures' face...or maybe it is the 'can i watch TV' or 'can i have ice cream' face.  He has so many it is hard to tell).  Sophia was a little nervous but walked into LCMS like a big girl and had to fight off her Daddy wanting to walk her inside!  I could tell I stressed out too much when i was so exhausted Friday night.  I was so relieved when the afternoon rolled around and I saw that they both survived the first day(Nate actually got an award for following directions the best on day 1!)...when i saw they were OK i relaxed a little and man was I tired!

Sophia loves to pose....see her bent knee?   so big!

Registration was a zoo that took 1 1/2 hours to complete and we left the school hot, bothered and with a messed up schedule and had no idea when school started/ended.  So i was soooo excited when she got in the car and told me about her new schedule-complete with chours!  And her best friend was in all her classes.  And her friend from Junior University was in her classes and her boyfriend-stalker 
wasn't in any of her classes!!  It is going to be an awesome year!!

SOphia is the best at keeping traditions.  I started making a school bus cake the night before school started back when Fia went to K.  She has made sure we have done it ever since! It is fun and yummy!

I just included this one to show the world what a beautiful smile Nate does have!  I hope he shows it more in pictures this year....yeah right!(this was taken in 2009)

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