Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boy Scout

 Look who is a Boy Scout!  This is huge for Nate...those who were his leaders in the past would be shocked.  And the best part....he WANTED to do this.
  We took some time off from Cub Scouts in the 3rd and 4th grade and then Richard saw the benefits of the scouting program and encouraged Nate to start again.  Nate tried a few times to act like he didn't want to go but Richard persisted and won:)  Nate relaxed and started to enjoy himself...and now he is an official Boy Scout!


Last week Nate gave me a real hug...he actually returned the hug.  He wasn't a stiff board that I was wrapping my arms around.  He actually put his arms around my torso and gave a little squeeze!  It melted my heart and made me smile for a few days after.

Not sure why this happened- was it because he had just gotten back from ice skating with the Young Women?  Could it be the new conditioner he is using on his lovely locks?  Did he get enough protein that day?  I am not sure but it was so nice.  He hasn't returned my hugs for years.  He rarely refuses my hugs but would just stand there like a board.  This time was so different that it actually shocked me.

I sure am lucky to be his momma!