Monday, June 3, 2013

Food Addiction

So as I was flipping through the stations tonight I came across "Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition".  I enjoy any show on health and fitness and weight loss but this one really made my skin crawl.

The first thing that turned me off was the drama that goes on between trainer and client.  The Biggest Loser has some but nothing like this one!   One reason i love I can fast forward through all that crap-ola.

Ok...i loved how the trainer pushed this guy to climb the Sears Tower (103 flights of stairs) while he weighed close to 400lbs.  That shows that the human body is capable of much much more than we think! the show apparently is taped in 3 phases.  Phase 1 - they work with the Personal Trainer very closely.  Phase 2-they are on their own.  Well this poor guy found food as a way to cope with a troubled childhood.  He was addicted to food and had been for years.  That is why he weighed 490lbs. During Phase 1 he lost 100 pounds when his trainer was with him.  It was easier.  It wasn't surprising that he gained weight during Phase 2.   Addictions are not cured with exercise.    At the end of the show the drama peaked as the trainer dropped off Wally at the Food Addiction treatment center.  He couldn't look at Wally because he was disappointed that he couldn't help him more.  The trainer was disappointed in himself.  He thought he had given him all the tools he needed to change...and I was just shaking my head.  Did he give him the #1 thing he needed?  Tools to change the way he thinks?  Tools to help him cope with his past that don't involve food?

ABC could have taken a whole different direction with that show.  I sure wish they would have given more time to the addiction part instead of the 'i am a failure'

Color Me Rad

For my 38th birthday I registered my whole family + Sadie in the Color Me Rad race in Columbus, Ga.

Here we are nice and clean !  
Sadie and I stayed together.  Her goal was to run the whole time....something she hasn't done yet.  She was on fire!!

At first I didn't think I wanted to carry my phone.... but it would be reall cool to take pictures during the race so I ran back to the car to get it.  I am so glad I did.  I was able to take pictures after each color station.  There were 5 stations where volunteers would throw colored corn starch all over you.  One station had the color in sprayers(like the ones you use in your yard).  Each station had a different color.

Sadie and I would go slower through the color stations so we would get extra color!
At the finish line a volunteer would had you a final packet of color to be used at the color bombing...where we all gathered together and all throw our color in the air at the same time.
That's isn't fog from mother nature in the background....that's 'color me rad' fog!
We ran with lots of friends....well...mostly walked, jogged, danced....all while Richard was filming with his head cam....can't remember what it's called at the moment!
Rebecca, Sarah and Emily Prestridge....Sadie Walker...Melanie, Rebecca, Rachel, Stewart and Pres. Brown....and the Villamor's.

Here is our official 'after' shot.  We accomplished our get as much color as we could while exercising together!  This was the best birthday present ever!