Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happiness List

A very talented graphic artist -and new mommy- Aarean has a very insightful post on her blog now about happiness. What makes us happy. Apparently there is 40% unaccounted potential happiness in our lives. 50% of our happiness is biological(which I found interesting...so if our family is typically "doom and gloom" we tend to be that way half of the time?) 10% is based on life circumstances(like if you are uniquely talented or attractive...well we all know I am both of those...hardee har har) which leaves the
 40% that we create for ourselves.

So what brings me happiness? (besides those 2 munchkins above?)

*freshly mopped floors
*using my steam mop to get those clean floors
*fuzzy socks
*the tight feeling I get after teaching Body PUmp...love it!
*hearing babies laugh
*looking through baby pictures
*talking with my Mom. She has the unique talent of listening to whatever
 I want to babble about and sounding so interested. love you Mom!
*a visit to my brother and sister
*hearing the funny jokes from my Dad
*taking a nap.
*taking naps with snuggly babies
*taking naps with my snuggly dog
*when my children LOVE what I cook and compliment me on my cooking skills
*the look of excitement and longing my dog gives me when he hasn't seen me in a while. wouldn't' it be nice if everyone greeted you that way!
*loading my dishwasher and knowing I won't have to do that work.
*having children old enough to unload the dishwasher and knowing I won't have to do that work.
*stuffing my XL washer with dirty clothes and knowing they will come out smelling clean!
*having Sunday off
*a husband who supports me in my hobbies
*watching movies with that cool husband
*lunch with good friends
*when i turn my keys and my car starts
*when we get to sleep in
*a productive day
*Family Home Evenings that don't have too much fighting:) rare but possible!


  1. Nice, clean layout! Pretty pictures too. We have a chance of snow tomorrow, or early in the morning,'bout 3 AM. Hope you don't get any!

  2. love this list! :-) lots of good ones...especially the napping with snuggly babies. :-)


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