Thursday, January 12, 2012

Villamor Family Christmas

Every year Richard's family gathers at someone's house.  This year we travelled to Pooler, Ga where Butch and his family just moved.  It was the usual Christmas festivities....

 The cousins sang some Christmas carols and did other talent.
 We were able to have all the Villamor children take part.....Richzer, Evan and Ethan via Skype from the Philippines and Babe and RJ via IPhone face-time in California.  They also did talent...

This is all the family trying to do the Dougie dance.  RJ was teaching everyone via face-time on the IPhone. 

 Then we had the annual take-a-picture-in-front-of-the-tree pictures....
Nothing was going to make Nate was after midnight and he was tired!  and cranky!
Randolph "Boyet" and his wife, Shela and their children Vic and Lourdes

Ronald "Bobet" and My-My, and their children, Femi, Rovic, and Kyla

There was an incident with a nerf gun and we didn;t get a picture of Butch's family....but here is the mother and her boys!

Nate always celebrates his actual birthday while we are with the Villamor's....he enjoyed the attention...and this lovely chocolate oreo cake!

It was a very lovely time.  And I will end with this picture of myself....why?  because it turned out so nice...and I am learning to be vain like Richard...ha ha ha.  

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