Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I dont' remember getting excited about binders or notebooks.
Nate does.  He gets excited about school supplies in general.  

maybe i did get excited about the infamous "TRAPPER KEEPER"!!
He loves to go to Staples and look at all the notebooks and pencils and boxes and folders and erasers, and pencil grips, oh...and backpacks!  he loves backpacks! When it was time to buy our school supplies for 3rd grade I almost got roped into buying a new binder like the one above at Staples.  They had this sale where if you bought 3 you got one free and they were already on sale so it sounded like a good deal until you got home and realized they still were $8/piece!  Nate had already caressed his new notebook,  dreamed of all the paper it would hold, how it would fit in his backpack when I gave him the sad
 news "that folder is going back!".  

He would ask about getting a folder like that one many times but i kept crushing his little heart....but always with the suggestion of "you can use your own money"...but we all know how well that works!  Well the cheap $3 binder he ended up with has lasted until now.  We have other binders he could replace his with but he refused.  

We were in Wal-Mart last night and he saw a binder like this: 

and i said "wait...I have 2 of those".  I was cleaning out my closet this week and saw them.   When we got home he asked about the binders and quickly fell in love.  What does "falling in love with a binder" look like?.  Well...he very carefully looked at each binder.  Weighed each option. Asked my opinion about each one 10 times.  Which one should I use.  What would I put in this pocket.  What about this one.  Hmmmm.....which one would Fia want....and i think I will definitely want that one. 

Then after he decided which one he wanted he transferred all his stuff. that sounds all normal, right?  Well...tonight he had it in his lap when we sat down for dinner.  I think it would have stayed there if I didn't say "put your binder away".  Sophia switched out her binder for the other zip-up one.  He was watching this process eager to give his always-plentiful- priceless advice on how she was arranging her things.  

ahhhh...the joys of childhood!


  1. You do good blogs! I could feel Nate's anticipation about getting a new binder and kind of wanted one myself. I remember him giving us some pencil grips one trip here. I can treat him to a trip to Staples when he's here!

  2. he would love that! i really want to come visit before APril....will just have to bite the bullet and plan a short trip!


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