Monday, February 14, 2011


Last year we went to Stone Mountain to hike.  Before we left I looked up the locations of some letter-boxes.  I believe Stone Mountain has the most hidden boxes in the US.  There were tons...the hard part was looking for some that would be 'easy'...and mainly ones we knew the location of the first clue.  This one started at the Plantation House(i think that was the name.
Although I don't remember the exact order of the clues...these pictures give an idea of what we did( and picasa only allows you to upload 4 pictures per post so i couldn't add all of them).  One said to look for the 3 green chimneys.  This house has 2 chimney in the front and one in the back.  Then it said something about a rock across the street.  Then we were to follow the log running parallel to the street.
Then locate the 'goal-post' tree....this was a little hard...but so exciting when we found it!  It does look like a goal post! Then we looked for a moss-covered rock that was in-between 2 logs.  One log had the box located in a groove where it split into 2 trunks...or something like that:)  It is so so so exciting to find it!
Inside the little box is a log book and a stamp.  We pulled out our log books, applied this stamp and stamped their log book with our stamp( we just have the letters "M, R, S, N" for each of our name), added the date and LaGrange, Ga.  Everyone who finds this box does the same. It is fun to flip through the book and see who has been here, when and where they were from.

You can see what letter-boxes are located in your town.  We need to do this more often!

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  1. Gosh, I have trouble finding my way out of the house and you are looking for hidden clues all over the woods! It must be fun, if you say so. The pictures were pretty.


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