Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Exercise....

Back in November Sophia and I participated in a 1mile/5K run in a nearby town.  Nate and Richard said they would participate in the next race with us.  Well folks...that time had arrived!  Yesterday we woke up at 6am on a Saturday and drove to Newnan to pariticpate in the "Run for Angles" 1mile and 5K.  We didn't do much training outside.

Sophia is now in a different age bracket (11-14) and this race was a little bigger so her chances of placing were smaller....but she did great coming in 1 mile at 8:53.  Nate was near 9:30 and Richard brought up the rear with a grand time of  11:22!  I was so proud of all of them...but especially Richard!  He gets NO exercise and had 1 practice run.  He was pretty tired when he crossed the finish line but he did great!  He wasn't proud of himself...he was expecting a faster time...but i told him it was a wonderful time!  My first 5K was completed in 37 minutes...12min miles!
The 1 mile started at 8:15am.  I ran the 1 mile to keep track of the kids....well all i kept track of was the back of their heads.  Then I ran the 5K at 8:30am.  My goal was to finish in 30 minutes.  That was my goal of the last one but the hills killed me and I came in right around 31:00.  When I woke up yesterday morning I thought "it is OK if I don't make my time today" and "what am i thinking.  it is Saturday!" and "man it is cold...".  But all that was gone once I got there.  I pushed myself and at mile one I was at 9:15 then mile 2 was a little faster and I just pushed myself on that last mile and crossed the finish right at 29:00!  wahoo!

I am hoping we can do more of these in the future and that maybe someone will do the 5K with me!  I am so proud of my family!
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  1. Good job, Villamors! I wish I could push back time and we all could participate in a family run. That would be fun. Tell Richard I'm proud of him, Nate too. Sophia is getting almost as tall as you, Mary Kate!


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