Friday, March 18, 2011


August 8,1995- March 18, 2011
Well...we finally got the courage to let Cricket go. It was so very hard to do. The kids don't know yet...they just haven't noticed that she isn't on her chair. I am avoiding that conversation.

Cricket wasn't sick like other dogs who have to be "put down" which made this decision a little more tough.  She was still eating and would use the bathroom outside when we put her out there.  These were always the signs that let you know your animal was alright.  But she couldn't see, hear or smell.  She couldn't find her way around the house or outside.  We kept her in the chair most of the day so she wouldn't wander the house.  But if we weren't around to get her down when she needed she would fall as she tried to get down.  Last night we came home to find her wandering the house which meant she fell off the chair again.  After cleaning up her messes I found her in the middle of the sunroom floor.  She was trying to go somewhere and just got too tired to keep going I guess.  Richard and I just looked at each other and knew today would be the day.

I started crying when i made the appointment.  I cried when we walked into the vet.  I cried when the Dr. walked into the room.  I cried when they gave her the sedative(just to relax her before the final shot).  Then she calmed down and went to sleep.  It was nice to hold her like this.  She hasn't wanted to be held or cuddled for SO long.  About 5 minutes later the Dr. came back in and administered the shot that would stop her heart.  I didn't cry much anymore.  I felt peace.  I think I am a little numb right now and i know it will be hard again when we try to explain it to Fia and Nate...but until then I think i will enjoy the lull and take a nap:)

Cricket was our first baby.  She was loved by so many....she was never the stereotypical small dog.  She wasn't nippy, didn't bite and put up with A LOT of attention from little kids, a cat and a few puppies we brought into our lives.  Oh... and she was the BEST bed warmer.  She had this ferocious growl when she would play tug-of-war that made everyone pause.  I think that was one of Granny's favorite traits of hers.  She was the best traveling companion and loved to hear the words "want to go for a ride?".  When we would travel to Alabama she  would curl up on my chest.  It was a balancing act but not a dangerous one.  I had taught her how to turn on the blinker and wipers so actually she was a big help.  She never mastered shifting gears though.  :)

Obviously death is never easy and the pain is unique but it was for the best.  It is amazing the bond that forms between and animal and their human companions.   Cricket will be deeply missed by so many.
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  1. I believe it was Cricket's time to go. I'm glad you held her. I let Dr Jan take Belle and give her the shots and I wish I had done it myself. When we had to let go of Clembo, I couldn't face my emotions and I, too, cried when I took him in the Vet and I had to leave immediately after I gave him to the vet tech. I didn't really grieve until the vet sent me a condolence note. I really cried then. I realized I had put off grieving but you have to go through that process. I'll always remember Cricket.

  2. Gosh MK, I'm so sorry about the Crick. You loved her so good! She had a wonderful life. I love the next post about baby Nate. I know exactly how you feel.

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  4. So sorry about poor Cricket. Sorry that you had to go through that! She was well loved, that's for sure!!!

  5. MK, I had to come and reread your Cricket post. I remembered it, and I did think of you when Teddy died. I understand better now. Euthanization is a very hard choice, but I do believe it is merciful. Love, elaine


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