Monday, March 14, 2011

summer breeze....

Last night I was looking through our pictures and came across these. It hurts to look at these. So i decided I should blog about the hurt.

Sophia got this $20 Barbie tricycle when she was potty-trained...or maybe it was when she gave up her pacifer...but anyway she was 3 when we bought this for her. She LOVED this trike. LOVED it. She rode it until the wheels cracked. She cried when I threw it away.

When we built our house in 2002 we were able to hand-pick our lot. We purposefully chose this lot for the cul-de-sac. It is the perfect place to ride bikes, play ball, etc. We spent many days out riding our bikes and enjoying the weather.
Sophia loved to feel the wind in her face -as you can see in the sequence of the pictures. See the determination on her face in the first one....she is trying so hard to get enough speed. In the 2nd shot she is letting up on the speed and tilting her head back.....
Ahhhhh.....eyes closed...basking in the cool breeze. If you look closely you can see her squishy forehead. I loved kissing that forehead. Now it isn't so squishy:(.

She still loves feeling the wind in her face. When we pull into our neighborhood she will stick her head out the window. So next time you see us coming down Sweetwater Court look for Sophia's head out one window and Obie's out the other!
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  1. Was Fia ever that young? It tugs at my heart strings, too. Both she and Nate have really grown. Remember that I used to tell you not to grow up, but you did anyway? That's what's happening to our dear children, Sophia and Nate. Obie's still young...Hope Cricket is comfortable and happy.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and having a two year old, just wanted to let you know how precious this posting was. If only we all took the time to feel the wind in our faces. :) Thank you for sharing. Amy


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