Sunday, March 6, 2011


recently we were struggling with Nate to fix his hair daily...when he wakes up it looks like a rat's nest. he has no problem with it looking like this and his argument was it was his hair and he should be able to look like he wants. well...son...not when it looks like that! he can cut it if he wants. once he found out that his best friend Jacob isn't allowed to wear his hair messy he stopped fighting me. here is a recent conversation we had while I was applying some curl creme...

Nate: "Mom. You know why I dont' like my hair?"
Me: "Why?"
Nate: "Because it rhymes with 'girls' "
Me: "What? it does?"
Nate: "Girls-Curls"
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  1. The curl cream really makes Nate's hair look Good! I hope he likes it too so he will put it on his curls!


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